Mead is fermented beverage made from the honey. It has long tradition and bright future. Likely it is the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world, which people know before wine or beer.

You can find plenty of recipes how to make mead. The ultimate basis is high quality honey. This is the reason why we cooperate with beekeeper Tomáš Blaškovič. Our mead is made from the honey his bees bring.

Usually we combine 3 varieties of honey – linden, acacia and mix of seasonal flowers. We do not boil or other way adjust the honey. We do not add any nutrition, nor selected yeast. Fermentation is launched by spontaneously fermenting grape juice. Fermenting and maturating happens in wooden barrels for 18-24 months.

We make 3 types of mead – Natur, Herbal and Tea. The first is pure mead without any additives. With the Herbal mead, four herbs are macerated during fermentation – Breckland thyme, salvia, lime tree flower, hyssop. The Tea mead is enriched with selected green tea leaves macerated during the process of fermentation.