Would like your own limited edition of ŽIVÉ VÍNO? Come to our cellar and choose a barrel.

From a winemaker’s point of view, 2017 was a very good year. The weather was favourable. Though we shuddered a few nights in spring, the three frozen kings were merciful that year and caused minimum damages. Growing season was mainly dry and warm. We were saved from diseases and whims of the weather. We spreyed only once during the season and grew very nice and healthy grapes. The harvest was above standard. We could make it before the starlings could and we filled the cellar with beautifully ripe grapes with perfect parameters. Fermentation went smoothly and our young wines look promising.

All the wines have been processed the traditional way. We do not use modern technologies, nor additional substances (yeasts, enzymes, tannins, …) The grapes have it all – sugar, acids and nutrition for yeast. Our wines ferment spontaneously and we let them age naturally in oak and acacia barrels. We use mainly acacia barrels for white wines and oak barrels for red wines. The wines are preserved without sulphur on their own yeast and we stir them regularly. Wine has to be able to live on its own. We keep it in proper environment and give it enough time to let it show what it’s got.

We’ve got 5 wines from 2017 in our cellar in barrels of sizes 225, 300 and 600 litres:

  • Rhine Riesling 2017
  • Müller-Thurgau 2017
  • Orange cuvée 2017 (Welschriesling, Veltliner, Tramin and Sylvan)
  • Ryšák (semi red wine) 2017
  • Blaufränkisch 2017

Spontaneous fermentation, five-day maceration on skins, ageing in acacia and oak barrels of sizes 225, 300 and 600 litres. Our Müller is light and elegant wine, has crispy acidity and it needn’t be drunk pronto. It will get a lesson that will let him slowly mature in bottles.

Spontaneous fermentation, three-day maceration on skins, ageing in 300 litre acacia barrels. Nice, well-structured wine with decent ageing potential.

Spontaneous fermentation, fourteen-days maceration, ageing in acacia barrels of sizes 300 and 600 litres. Gently piquant orange cuvée with a sporty body a bright future. Wine variety composition: Welsh Riesling 50%, Veltliner 40%, Tramin 5% and Sylvan 5%.

Traditional wine, made as a blend of white and black varieties, spontaneous fermentation, fourteen-day maceration on skins, ageing in oak and acacia barrels of 225 and 300 litres. Charming, cheerful and cuddly wine of bright-red colour, delightful in every time and weather.

Spontaneous fermentation, fourteen-days maceration on skins, ageing in 225 and 300 litre oak barrels. Typical, Little Carpathian, fruity, multi-layered and juciy Blaufränkisch.

If you’d like to taste our young wines or you are interested in your own single barrel edition of ŽIVÉ VÍNO, let us hear from you. Contacts are listed below. We’ll hold a tasting of all barrels directly in our cellar. In case any barrel makes an impression on you, you can book it. Bottling of the wines is planned for autumn 2018.

Contact: Dušan Škubák, Prostredná 31, 900 21 Sv. Jur, +421 903 253 929, info@zivevino.sk