We make four wines: white, orange, half-red and red. We respect traditions, nature and climate conditions. We grow our grapes ecologically and develop our wine in a natural climate of our old Renaissance wine cellar. We intervene as least as possible. We believe that nature can do it better than we would with our interventions. Only that it takes her a bit longer but our winemaker experience tells us that patience brings not only roses.

We have a rich palette of vine varieties in our vineyards and as we want to pay maximum attention to each of the sorts, we have decided not to process individiual locations and varieties separately. Anyway, historically mostly cuvée wines were made in our region. We do not treat our wines differently nor in the vineyard nor in the cellar. All wines are taken care of equally and we try to make each of them have its own personal and memorable character.


The naming of our wines refers to the technology and colour of wine. White is called simply Blanc. The basis is Müller Thurgau. When the year is good, Rhine Riesling plays the second role. Müller is the most grown variety in the Little Carpathians and you simply can not avoid it. Unfortunately you don’t see it often in bottle. Most of it is consumed as partially fermented wine (burčiak) and the rest is usually processed into young wines for quick drinking. We decided to work with it differently. We gather this variety early to preserve the acids and bring it up properly to allow the wine grow in time. We macerate our Müller on the skins for 5-10 days and then have it ripe in acacia and oak barrels. The result is elegant wine with significant aromatics and lower alcohol.

Our orange wine is called Oranž. The basis, cca 90%, consists of Welschriesling and Veltliner, our traditional sorts, yielding stable harvest and balanced quality. The rest is Traminer and Sylvaner from our smallest vineyard. These varieties  are grown very rarely in the Little Carpathians. Traminer is not very traditional and Sylvaner is sadly on retreat. We macerate Oranž on skins throughout the whole process of fermentation. As a rule it is 14 days and some of the skins are put into barrels for the whole next year. Oranž is developed in acacia barrels. The resulting wine has multi-layered aroma and taste expression, firm structure, well-trained body ready for long distance runs.

Ryšák (semi-red wine) is non/traditional wine which used to be a loyal companion of our ancestors in the times before phylloxera. It’s a blend of white and black varieties. Something which was quite common in the past is unfortunatelly nowadays very rare. As late as in the 19th century almost every third-fourth wine, according to the books, was semi-red. The trace of semi-red wine, not only in literature, disappear somewhere in the 50’s. We make semi-red wine because we like its character and variety and because we want to save it from a complete vanishing off the wine maps. Semi-red wines used to be called also rich. And that’s the way they are. Rich in colour, aroma and taste. Our ryšák is a blend of every piece of crop from our vineyard. It’s developed in oak and acacia barrels. It’s cheerful and playful wine, for both good and bad days.

Karmazín is the name of richly red coulour and at the same time a synonym of uncrowned queen of black varieties in the Pannonian Basin, which is definitely Blaufränkisch. Its history and origin can be a matter of arguing and disputes, but its qualities and the fact it belongs to our region is an indisputable fact proven by generations of winemakers. We are lucky to cultivate one of the few old plantings in Svätý Júr. It is a variety with strong character. You should deal with it gently, do not push too much and it will repay with quality and stable performance. Our Blaufränkisch is blood and milk. Vivacious, elegant and sophisticated lady, worth waiting for.